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ShopRite: When a Grocery Store Becomes Essential

When a Grocery Store Becomes Essential

2020 threw everyone for a loop when a global pandemic shut down most businesses – and the associates at 280 ShopRite stores became essential employees overnight. As agency of record for ShopRite, the BMLPR team pivoted its focus to keep media apprised of important COVID-19 updates and charitable efforts.

With supermarkets in the spotlight, BMLPR highlighted ShopRite’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 in its stores while continuing to serve its local community. The approach provided transparency and kept consumers informed and confident that it was safe to shop at their local ShopRite. News of mask donations, food bank support and its Essential Thanks campaign – a social campaign asking for “thank-you’s” to essential workers in exchange for donations to local food banks – flooded local media and showcased ShopRite as a leader in these unprecedented times.
ShopRite Essential Thanks

The team has secured more than 600 positive press pieces and over 2 BILLION impressions for ShopRite since the start of the pandemic, and continues to garner earned media stories, most recently surrounding the brand’s involvement in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.

600+ Stories

2+ BILLION Media Impressions

$840,000+ Ad Value


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