Public Relations + Social Media with tangible brand impact

From crazy concepts on our conference room white board, to national headlines and socially trending news, the BML team utilizes every tactic available (and some that are a secret) to get the job done.

We understand the fundamentals of on-message earned and social media that appears in TV, print, online and in feeds globally, nationally and regionally. Our anything-is-possible, never-satisfied approach to delivering brand messaging to the masses is what we do best. With a whatever it takes to win mentality, we approach comms the old-fashioned way — by building and managing key media relationships, understanding how reporters and producers work, and knowing how to effectively build campaigns that connect brands and consumers.

Earned media coverage is where it’s reported, social media is where it’s discussed. While paid tactics have their place in the process, BML leads with earned, then amplifies accordingly – and it hasn’t let us down yet. Our campaigns are turnkey and work. We don’t load up our plans with paid tactics, use industry multipliers to inflate our results or rely on influencers to drive up our numbers. We implement a customized mix of public relations and social media tactics to create campaigns with tangible business impact.

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The BML team has extensive experience servicing clients in various industries including restaurants and hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, retail, travel and tourism and home.