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Applebee’s: 2019 Sustained PR Support

Applebee's Sustained Yearly PR Efforts

BMLPR represents more than half of the Applebee’s restaurants system in the country on behalf of marquis franchise operators including Flynn Restaurant Group, Doherty Enterprises, Inc. and Neighborhood Restaurant Partners.

BMLPR generated ongoing media coverage surrounding the franchisees’ various community relations activations, fundraising campaigns and new menu/beverages across more than 700 locations nationwide.

Charged with keeping the brand top-of-mind with consumers and driving traffic to locations, BMLPR consistently pitched (and continues to pitch) features, food and business writers within each franchisee’s local market footprint throughout the year, garnering a steady stream of positive and impactful coverage in key news outlets. Initiatives promoted included local market fundraisers ranging from Tip-A-Cop events to Dine to Donates and Flapjack Fundraisers, as well as system-wide initiatives including the brand’s annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser and monthly Neighborhood Drink promotions.

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BIG $$ raised for Toys for Tots, Alex’s Lemonade Stand AND MORE

PR that helps give back to the community gives us the warm and fuzzies.