Thinking Pink: Launching The World’s First Pink Pineapple

Del Monte Fresh Produce's Pinkglow Pineapple New Product Launch

The BMLPR team officially launched Del Monte Fresh Produce’s  Pinkglow Pineapple, the world’s first-ever pineapple with a pink interior, in October 2020, leveraging its novelty and exclusivity to an extremely positive response within national media outlets and locally in top DMAs.

To build buzz around this unique product that had been in development since 2005, BMLPR thoughtfully crafted press materials capturing the taste, look and feel of the product and curated a list of key media contacts who would be among the first to get to experience the product firsthand and receive samples ahead of the launch.

The team secured an unprecedented amount of earned media coverage in marquee national and local media consumer and trade outlets, including a mention and taste test in Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue!

1,020+ Stories

2.6+ BILLION Media Impressions

$65 Million+ Ad Value

Pineapple Icon

Thousands of PinkGlow Pineapples Sold

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