At the end of the day, we are just a bunch of PR + social media nerds who get a thrill from a great results

Curious to know more about BML Public Relations? Well, here we are!

BML Public Relations is a national, award-winning public relations and social media agency, specializing in CPG, entertainment, food, retail and franchise concepts, to name a few. Rooted in earned media, we communicate your point of difference in a sea of the same to insert your brand into the conversation.


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13 Years Old

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68% Agency GROWTH in 2019

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25 employees

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6 masters DEGREES

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27 fortune 500 companies repped

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484 pizzas ordered

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1 Award speech given in the voice of yoda

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88 seconds - Company record for longest ride on mechanical reindeer in the office

What we do is serious business, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

Brian M. Lowe Headshot

Brian M. Lowe - President & CEO

Media relations nerd, news junkie, music guru and hopeless New York Giants-loving-season-ticket-holder. Brian was brought up in the big agency glam world of PR working for category leaders in consumer products, notably soup that’s chunky, shower cleaner that’s soft on scrubbing, mobile phones that can be heard now and hair removal products worthy of short-shorts and agency sole proprietor. In 2019, Brian was awarded PR Professional of the Year from PRSANJ, and is also a recipient of the most BMLPR Annual Clippy Awards in the category of “Brian Lowe Breakout Moment.”

Tricia Ryan Headshot

Tricia Ryan - Vice President

Twenty-year consumer PR pro representing high-profile travel and consumer product brands, namely the house of the world’s most famous mouse, car seats that are a snug ride and spaghetti with O’s, and also built the world’s largest Bloody Mary at Mardi Gras and Mount Everest in Times Square. Tricia is an avid New England Patriots fan with a dog named Brady, combined crazy-hockey-dance mom, fortifier of home cooked meals and curator of a bottomless cookie jar.

John Gramuglia Headshot

John Gramuglia - Vice President

Fifteen-year industry vet who is all about high energy, creativity and a steady stream of earned media buzz. John is a TV production assistant turned media relations addict, who has rep’d a notorious blimp, motorcycles named Harley, the pan pizza innovator and the king of beers. While the country might run on coffee, John runs on music, hockey … and coffee.

Meredith Desanti Headshot

Meredith DeSanti - Vice President

Seventeen years as PR nerd, agency goofball and issues management expert. Meredith has traveled the world for over a decade for cafes that rock, launched a sky-high career milestone atop Sin City’s tallest thrill-seeking attraction, and is the only tone-deaf, instrumentally and musically challenged person to riff with one of the world’s top guitar brands. All this, while being a passionate philanthropist who refuses to share her gummy watermelons with her children.

Andrew Testa Headshot

Andrew Testa - Vice President

Thirteen-year resident tech and corporate comms expert, only agency APR and team member most likely to match his sneakers to his shirt. Testa (never Andrew) has teamed up Globetrotters from Harlem, trading cards that are topps, wraps made from bubbles and checked in with America’s most reliable network. When he’s not at his desk, Testa can be seen consuming two things - Twitter content and gummy candies. He’s a baseball aficionado, lifetime Seton Hall Pirate and agency voice of reason.

Mike Scicolone Headshot

Michael Scicolone - Senior Social Strategist

Former PR-pro turned social media savant and web wizard with more than 14 years of professional experience. Mike Scic – like the razor – has worked on everything from everyone’s favorite marshmallow bird to some really old wood. He has developed social ecosystems from the ground up with integration across all platforms, while managing million dollar social ad campaigns. Scic is a digital dork that enjoys looking at web stats – more than a normal person should and a professional photographer and videographer who has captured everything from weddings and headshots to a gender reveal lasagna.

Jill Flanagan Headshot

Jill Flanagan - Account Supervisor

Seasoned consumer PR pro who runs on coffee and great media coverage. Jill has preformed PR magic for retail giants, boats and everything including the kitchen sink. Jill is Jersey-Shore-bred (it’s pork roll, not Taylor Ham) who takes pride in deliversing out of the box ideas that gets media buzzing. As a health and wellness enthusiast, Jill makes an exception for a once-a-week pizza habit and an annual Valentine’s Day date to a certain burger chain maintained by five gentlemen.

Michelle Pantina Headshot

Michelle Pantina - Account Supervisor

With a decade of consumer PR experience, newsjacking is her jam. Michelle is a creative, media relations maven, who has crafted a bouquet out of pizza, birthed the first ever gender reveal lasagna and made an entire town royal. A firm believer that anything can be fixed with a mani/pedi, Michelle is a Barefoot-Contessa-wannabe who harnesses her multi-tasking skills to manage multiple crochet projects at once. She is a dancer and yogi who is fueled by Springsteen, beach days and cheese.

Ali Krueger Headshot

Ali Krueger - Account Supervisor

Food and beverage PR wiz, unfortunate Devils fan and 2019 office Halloween costume champ. Ali has stocked the fridges of top national media outlets, while working with consumer brands including cocktails that are for skinny girls, and chocolate frosted donuts that make life a little sweeter. When she’s not slaying media coverage, Ali can be found traveling the states in search of the best ice cream and gluten free pancakes.

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