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What we do is serious business, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Meet the team behind the movement!

Brian M. Lowe Headshot

Brian M. Lowe - President + CEO

Media relations nerd, sole agency proprietor, news junkie, music guru and hopeless New York Giants-loving season ticket holder. Brian was brought up in the big agency world of consumer PR working for category leaders in consumer products, notably Campbell’s Chunky Soup, BRILLO, Verizon, Disney Mobile, OREOs and Progressive Insurance to name a few. In 2019, Brian was awarded PR Professional of the Year from PRSANJ, is the inventor of the Pizza-kini, Gender Reveal Lasagna, Edible Cheeseware and holds the titles for the World’s Loudest Moo and Largest Mug of Hot Chocolate.

Tricia Ryan Headshot

Tricia Ryan - Vice President

With more than 20 years of consumer PR experience, Tricia has represented some of the highest profile brands in both the travel and consumer products industries. She began her career in entertainment, serving as publicist for Warner Brothers Domestic Television syndicated programs and National Geographic Television’s specials on NBC and EXPLORER series on TBS, before repping clients that include juvenile products leader Graco Children’s Products, Nabisco’s Honey Maid graham cracker, SpaghettiOs and Campbell Soup’s Labels for Education program, Mott’s and its family of apple products, to name a few. She spent several years representing Disney Parks, including The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL and Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Career highlights include building the world’s largest Bloody Mary at Mardi Gras, recreating Disney’s Animal Kingdoms’ Expedition Everest in New York’s Times Square and being the brainchild for the launch of Disney Park’s Moms Panel. Tricia is an avid New England Patriots fan with a dog named Brady, a proud mom to two college kids (Go Red Hawks and Roll Tide!) and is an aspiring empty nester who is looking forward to smaller loads of laundry, dinners for two and quality time with her husband Thomas.

Charles Leone, Headshot

Charles Leone - Vice President

Charles/Charlie/Chas/Chuck Leone has spent the last two decades making it rain perception-changing media coverage for global brands like Samsung, Xbox, New Balance, Olympus, Feld Entertainment, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Razer, GM, Ford and more at some of the biggest PR and advertising agencies. He has managed the press booth for Samsung at CES and a studio of adoptable puppies for Purina (both crazy thankfully not at the same time). He has led over 150 media training sessions, numerous photo press junkets to Hawaii, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Paris and sports activations at the Super Bowl, Final Four, E3 and the US Open of Tennis and Surfing. He helped launch Xbox Live, the Chevy Volt and several Xbox video games (some with the help of Peyton Manning) and yet still managed to redefine locker room talk with Kevin Love, run through Italy with Joe Torre, eat steak with Mike Ditka and announce a device like no other with Nick Offerman. Charles is a husband, dad, nacho connoisseur, and long-suffering Jets fan, who currently holds a streak of leading at least one PR account to an industry award win in each of the last seven years for six different brands. He loves to rant about the Yankees, and he thoroughly enjoys craft beer, more nachos, sneakers, Fantasy Sports wins, trips to Disney World, Yacht Rock, and the company of his dog Spike.

Seth Rosenstein - Chief Financial Officer

Seth brings to BMLPR the important distinction of being the only agency team member who is proficient in math. As CFO, he handles all things numbers. A once aspiring basketball player with 100 percent ownership of both a height and skill deficiency, Seth used his financial smarts to serve the National Basketball Association in a more constructive way. With 25 years industry experience as a financial savant for the numerically impaired, Seth is responsible for oversight of all business operations areas including finance, human resources and “here’s where the plus sign is on the calculator.”

Meredith Desanti Headshot

Meredith DeSanti - Vice President

Seventeen years as PR nerd, agency goofball and issues management expert. Meredith has traveled the world for over a decade for cafes that rock, launched a sky-high career milestone atop Sin City’s tallest thrill-seeking attraction, and is the only tone-deaf, instrumentally and musically challenged person to riff with one of the world’s top guitar brands. All this, while being a passionate philanthropist who refuses to share her gummy watermelons with her children.

Matt Ciesluk - Senior Director

Matt has more than 20 years of consumer PR experience in both agency and corporate settings, most recently at NASCAR where he spearheaded the motorsports sanctioning body’s proactive storytelling efforts with non-endemic media in collaboration with industry stakeholders. Prior to NASCAR, Matt assumed leadership roles at a number of top agencies, including Catalyst and Taylor Strategy. At Catalyst, he opened and managed the agency’s first satellite office in Charlotte, N.C., after eight years at Taylor Strategy in New York and Charlotte. He has created and managed marketing communications programs in the sports, entertainment, health and fitness, and lifestyle sectors for numerous brands including MasterCard, Gillette, DIAGEO, The Hartford, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, SUBWAY Restaurants and Levi’s Dockers, among others. He has been a key leader and contributor to award-winning PR teams at each of these stops. Matt’s life proudly revolves around his family, which includes his wife, Marisa; daughter, Tarpley (age 4 ½); and Sulley, a 11-year-old Pit Bull mix rescue dog. He is also an ardent supporter of Boston-area sports teams (Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox), enjoys following golf’s four major championships and enjoys sipping wines from around the world with his wife and close friends.

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