The on-demand nature of our culture is not lost on brands that seek to keep up with the lightning-quick pace of pop culture. Whether we’re facing pizza emergencies, candy crises, or pondering which condiment era Taylor Swift is in, these three brands are listening and providing sweet (and savory) solutions as the holiday season approaches.

Ketchup and seemingly ranch

If there’s a blank space, Taylor Swift will fill it with ketchup and, seemingly, ranch. Taylor, the NFL’s new unofficial CEO, broke the internet (for a surprising reason) at her first Kansas City Chiefs game as she cheered on Travis Kelce.

 Condiment chaos began when “a tweet from a fan account that included a picture of Swift ‘eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!’” accrued more than 32 million views. Needless to say, Heinz was enchanted by this gold rush of an opportunity.

Masterminds as they are, Heinz and agency Rethink came up with a new condiment and campaign in less than 24 hours. They appropriately dubbed this limited-edition sauce, “Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch.”

What can we say, sparks fly when these two condiments mix!


In case of emergency, break (into the pizza box)

We’ve all been there: having our perfect dinner plans thwarted by unexpected guests or an entirely burnt meal. While 911 is not the avenue for this variety of emergency, rest assured that Dominos saw this pain, listened, and came up with a solution. 

Domino’s “is coming to rescue consumers from dinner emergencies while also encouraging online ordering with a new Emergency Pizza program. Inspired by the occasions when someone burns dinner or guests show up unexpectedly, Domino’s pizza giveaway helps consumers in a pinch while also encouraging use of its revamped rewards program. The giveaway will be active from now until Feb. 24, 2024.”

 In crisis moments (ex: in-laws appear at the front door out of the ether), we have found a pizza-shaped glimmer of hope.


No tricks and just treats with M&M’s

There is nothing scarier than a herd of scorned trick-or-treaters left blindsided by an empty candy dish. To avoid this horror movie in the making, “M&M’s is partnering with quick delivery platform Gopuff to aid Halloween planners who underestimate how much candy is needed for the holiday.”

Starting at 3 p.m. ET on Oct. 31, “consumers who live in areas covered by Gopuff can call on the M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad to request a free refill of confections provided by parent company Mars.” 

Mars “is looking to land in the good graces of Halloween celebrants who miscalculated their candy stores with the M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad.” “The Halloween season is expanding, and enthusiasm is driving consumers to shop earlier and more frequently,” said Tim LeBel, Mars Wrigley’s president of sales.

Emergency candy is one way to stop a “Children of the Corn” situation on our doorsteps, thank you M&M’s and GoPuff!



You heard it here first! We are so thrilled to announce that we won Platinum for our Monster Jam work and Gold for our announcement of the Flynn Pizza Hut deal.

You can read the entries we submitted for Monster Jam here and Fynn Pizza Hut here.

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