Wayback Burgers

June 1st, 2017 by BMLPR

What started as the “McWhopper” proposal, a friendly peace offering from Burger King to McDonald’s surrounding Peace Day, turned into BIG results for BMLPR client, Wayback Burgers. When rejected by McDonald’s, we reacted quickly and put Wayback Burgers in the middle of the fray – issuing a statement to Burger King to team up to create the “Whiple Whiple” – a blend of the Whopper and Wayback Burgers’ nine-patty Triple Triple Burger.

The story gained national headlines and Burger King took Wayback Burgers up on its offer, leading to a multi-brand collaboration along with Denny’s, Krystal and Giraffas USA to create the Peace Day Burger – of which 1,500 were given away for FREE in Atlanta on Peace Day (September 21, 2015).

Coverage from BMLPR’s effort includes placements in the New York Daily News, Finance.Yahoo.com, TIME.com, Mashable.com, CNBC.com, Fortune.com, Consumerist.com, GrubStreet.com and many more – exceeding 143.2+ million consumer media impressions. Phase two of the campaign, led by Burger King, led to an additional 735.9 million+ impressions for the Wayback Burgers brand.

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