Wayback Burgers

June 1st, 2017 by BMLPR

With Five Guys’ “DC ham-burglar” on the loose, BMLPR released a statement on behalf of Wayback Burgers offering the hungry criminal free burgers for one year if he turns himself in – stealing the focal point of media coverage from one of its top competitors.

By piggybacking on trending story that had already created viral buzz across media outlets nationwide, BMLPR secured a second wave of coverage that stole the thunder from Five Guys and shifted the attention national and local market television, print and online media to Wayback Burgers.

Coverage statistics:
  • 170 placements (19 Television, 1 Radio, 129 Online, 21 Social Media)
  • Generating 125.5+ million consumer media impressions
  • Estimated publicity value of $51,347.18 (TV only)
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